On Saturday 13 September 2014, at a meeting room made available by the City of Seborga, It was held the first meeting of the Peace-Chapter, summoned by Decree of S.A.S. Marcello I, by the grace of God and the will of the Prince of Seborga citizens – to foster reconciliation within the Venerable Order of Chivalry of the Sacred Principality of Seborga – istituito da S.A.S. George I by the Decree issued on 13 October 2000 – although necessary as lediatribe and disputes have given rise to reactions and controversy that went even beyond the limits of bad taste if not the law.
Jobs that were held in a friendly and serene. I Cavalieri, gathered from different regions, including Campania, were formally welcomed by Prince S.A.S. Marcello I, by the Council of Priors and the Privy Council.
It 'was a happy occasion for riabbracciarsi and fraternally shake hands. There were also "... you remember", recalling facts and events, welcoming the initiative supported and promoted by the Principality.
The meeting was opened by the Prince with the reading of a text in which, in a clear way, are the guidelines were outlined of what was wanted as a "Chapter of Peace". In this time of continuous wars and persecution is a sacred word and even more so on this occasion in which he urged the Knights to join a project of peace that starts from the Principality extends to how many of them will want to be part. Anyone who wants to participate in this project will have no choice but to join those who have already given their consent and began this journey, to share with the initiative.
Il Principe, in the first instance, rightly he addressed your invitation only to those Knights to the departure of George I, then he invested, to share the last milestone of the history of the Knights of Seborga, thus eliminating the controversies of the usual troublemakers, Proponents of discord, enmities and jealousies: «[…]together, in our small, in our small village that is the Principality of Seborga, together we will give a sign of peace that will go beyond Seborga, to those Christians that we will want to refer to meetings of peace '. And 'so that Marcello The Prince closed his speech.
At the end of his speech the Prince was greeted by enthusiastic applause of those present. Son followed interesting and polite speeches of the participants, who immediately took the floor. The controversies have been barely touched and in any case distant from the objective of the meeting in which triumphed the reasonableness which has meant that the meeting will develop in a peaceful atmosphere and with the constructive objective, shared by all, collaboration. Entering media res, the Knights have asked for the possibility for future chapters to establish the delegation, in order to represent the brothers unable to attend, especially for those who are in distant regions. The proposal, verbalized as well as other, It was asked by the Council of the Crown Prince and present, After brief comparison, was welcomed.
Other Knights have asked to give organic form to this first chapter of the Principality, considering the excellent response from the present, sensitive not only to the call of the Prince and the Principality, but to Peace as an intrinsic value of every man. Knights Prince paraphrasing, he wanted to be called "Knights of good will". A Knight proposed setting: "Principality of Seborga Peace!”, proposal promptly and enthusiastically welcomed.
Thus began a program of the Principality and a commitment to his Knights to be "Knights of the Peace", protagonists and bearers of a message of peace.
A concrete project started in the hearts of the true Knights and that will be carried out by the Principality and the Knights.
After completing his work of the Knights, Prince refers to an upcoming meeting where you will have to find a formula for an appropriate organization, Knights and Seborga, binomial and Prince invitation he will have to go beyond the very walls of the small Principality of Seborga. Best hope could not be for this wonderful day that ended with a friendly match between the Knights themselves, after a pleasant walk in the streets and in the shops of the Principality.