The Chapter II of Peace It was celebrated on Saturday 7 November 2015 at the famous Abbey Medieval Antimo, close to Mount Amiata, province Siena.
The Ist Chapter of Peace was held on 13 September 2014 in the Principality of Seborga, with the participation of Prince Marcello Ist, the representatives of the Privy Council and the Council of the Principality which Priori Peace Chapter of the White Knights, organized by TMM between Gianfranco M. War.
After this first important step, It has been decided and organized by TMM between Gianfranco M. dell'OSSCBS war, Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga, in collaboration with the GP Among Marcello Piergentili the SMEC, Supreme military Of Christ, the Chapter II of Peace He advocated by a number of other orders being formed to reach a View.
In addition to the organizers Orders it was present a large group of Knights and Dames of other orders including a delegation of Knights of the Royal Norman House of Altavilla, led by Luigi Aloi and Maurizio Marzotti.
In an environment full of mysticism and spirituality – after listening to the Gregorian chants of the Premonstratensian monks and taking part in the celebration of Holy Mass in Latin – you ceremonies for new consecrations with the help of Ceremonies were held, and in the respect and observance of their respective rites of different Orders.
The TMM between Gianfranco M. Of War 'OSSCBS, He celebrated the appointment of three of his Knights Prior, thereby increasing the number of priories of the Order.
Moments of intense emotion for the interpretation of Praised be my Lord by Lady Anna Calemme dell'OSMTJ.
At the end of the investiture of the Knights and Ladies of the respective speakers Orders, It was initiated at the opening of the Chapter of Peace.
It contains the compound document from TMM Gianfranco M. War, who wanted to share the reading in two voices with the GP Marcello Piergentili, demonstrating in this way as an irenic message can be shared among different orders.

"Today, 7 November 2015 It opens the first National Chapter oF Peace.
First of all thanks dutiful father goes to Dominique for the hospitality granted to us in these years and for the religious formation granted to us with commitment and patience.
We thank Father Dominique and his brothers for their hospitality, Also in today 's opportunity. We all regretted their impending transfer.
We can only hope that this place will find more love and dedication by those who will come to replace Premostratensi fathers.
I thank the many friends and became available to attend this meeting.
Let's start at the II Chapter of Peace.
We Priori and Knights originated from Paupera Militia Christi of St. Bernardo di Chiaravalle, Ordo Sancti Sepulchri and constituted by him in the Principality of Seborga Peace, We, representatives of priories we gathered in Chapter to formulate what was approved in the Assembly Order the extraordinary 13 July 2015 and nell'Art.5 Statute, proposing to draw together a document, in which he acknowledged the desire to organize together with other orders a Chapter of Peace.
It opens the Chapter of Peace.
We wanted this meeting, with authoritative representative participation of chivalry authorities, to form the second and desirable future meetings that want to promote our orders so that we can give an answer to those who at this historic moment is thirsty for values.
Values ​​like faith, the sharing, respect, Confidence and to those in need of Peace!

As promoters is our task and duty, but also an immense privilege and honor, jointly present this event, with ethics, the philosophy and the values ​​of its content.
As already mentioned our aim is to reach out with a proposal that, if accepted by other Orders, bring in the world of chivalry, while in the respective memberships and traditions, a dialogue that will become more and more a strong appeal to those values ​​that inspired him.
Hence, with these feelings that we are going to participate and give form and text to this event, in particular to share the joy of a fact so important.
Only by giving up selfishness and grandstanding can come to accept and grow new hope of concord and constructive growth.
The main purpose is to bring together the various Knightly Orders which have as a basic reference the Paupera Militia Christi and the figure of St. Bernard of Clairvaux.
The chapter is and will always be open to all who want to join or ask to join it.
We wanted to give shape to this desire, constructing a document that, in due formalities, It will be a guidance document of what are our intentions.
It wants to be and become witness, manifest itself: Peace and Concord, and most of our orders, too many and too often quarrelsome, disunited and uncooperative.
Giving shape and order to the world of Chivalry, without coercion or grant privileges, but only dialogue and respecting one another without bias some.
Present in thrilling and exciting way, the role and importance of chivalry and knightly values ​​in today's society and to clearly define the mission of the cavalry in the third millennium!
Besides being an invitation to Peace, at Concordia, cohesion, the sharing of values, is a call to restore order, peace and the noble values.
Such was our mission, this is our mission to Knight.
And 'our intention to present a way of thinking and living, a motivation to action and a necessary change as Knights, proposing a new philosophy and a renewed faith, appropriate to our times, with established principles that are applicable to all and by all.
Awaken hope, who believed he was lost, in a better world, Knight testified by the bearer more than ever present values.
As you have got to hear, overused words like humility, obedience, fidelity, … you may wonder why?
Well, we demand and we must give them the true value.
You may wonder how?
Becoming witnesses ourselves of the values ​​that we represent.
A document will be presented to representatives of the groups you belong, thus constituting a first operative nucleus around which concrete and aggregate and with heart calm and honest to begin the chapters that follow Peace.
This proposal has proposed Peace Peace for all!
Because no one will one day say that he was not welcomed, He was not given the opportunity for.

But now it required her to give the floor to the "landlord": Father Dominique that better than we will conclude the work of the Chapter of Peace ".

The text contained expressions that moved.
father Dominique, briefly expressed himself as:

"... a lot of good will can only be rewarded by our Lord. Chapters of Peace is an auspicious project. It is really very nice. Peace is a precious gift for us, for those who invoke, for those who live, pursue it and propose. It is indeed a precious gift of our Lord…
I invoke God's blessing for the Knights, Ladies and everyone, to always show the way to your confreres, their families and friends.
We will return to France in our Abbaye Saint Michel de Frigolet, but I hope that this subject, This Chapter of Peace, does not end in Italy, and can come and visit us in France.
Peace is a universal gift! ».

The closure of the work of Chapter II of Peace in the picturesque scenery of the beautiful Sant'Antimo Abbey Castelnuovo dell'Abate, was left to the Norbertine Father Dominique that, with Blessing to all the Knights and Dames present and several guests sugella good intentions explicitly demonstrated by the participants, with the hope of a “good continuation and see you soon ".