Saturday afternoon 23 April 2016, on the occasion of the feast of St. George, It took place in the Seborga Mutual Recognition Ceremony between the'Order of the Holy Sepulcher dei Cavalieri Seborga Bianchi (OSSCBS) and representatives of Principality of Seborga.
The day began with an agape among the Knights ritrovatisi in Seborga and afternoon ècontinuata with the staging of the San Martin Square, in front of the homonymous Parish Church and the subsequent ceremony.
During the ceremony was delivered to the Principality Representatives, the Collection of the Decrees of the Principality 1995 al 10.02.2016, comprising the "General Statutes and the main Decrees issued in the sovereign Principality of Seborga"Published by Giorgio I.
Also it was signed Recognition Statement with which the Supreme Council of the Priors'Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga (OSSCBS) It recognizes the authority of the existing institutions of the Principality and its Representatives. L’OSSCBS from the foundation laid and recognized by natural location and historical vocation Honorary its headquarters in Seborga.
This declaration follows the decree issued by the Principality on 10 February 2016 in which the steps are specified on time that defined the ever closer cooperation between the Principality and the 'Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga (OSSCBS).
Finally it was reiterated that the Knights were the Giorgio I still dissenters, the appeal to the union, through chapters Peace, formed by decree by Prince Marcello Ist since September 2014 to pacify the Knights divided by disputes and divisions that followed the death of George I.
The time has generously left to play the entire ceremony under a threatening sky, to release ceremony ended only a light drizzle, which it is then turned into rain by which time the Knights and their guests were enjoying a well-deserved cocktail, Marcello toast with I and other authorities of the Principality.