L’Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of Seborga Knights Seborga has participated in the celebration of the traditional feast of Saint Bernard who, besides being an important reference figure for The Order is also the patron saint of Seborga.
Despite the tensions engendered by the events that have occurred in recent months, the festivities have passed in an atmosphere of serenity and joy.
For a day have been set aside the concerns and problems engendered self-styled "Prince of Seborga" Mr. Mutte and his “cut", the turnaround of characters who were considered "loyalists of Seborga" and which have proved anything but faithful, by ambition and the delusions of omnipotence of a yearning Deus ex machina that, in the name of his Order. chivalrous – which he called "the Sovereign Military Equestrian Order" and is based on "... reliable historical basis of documented and transparent behavior that refer to the trio Faith in Christ, Humility and obedience ... " – and to live up to the consistency that has always distinguished…???…, He has quickly jumped on the bandwagon of the "prince imposter"!
At the religious ceremony, with a procession preceded by the Holy Mass celebrated in the parish church of San Martino, followed the civil celebrations with music and dancing evening in Martyrs Square Patriots and the performance of flag-waving of Seborga. The screening of a movie recalled and paid homage to the Prince George's.
It sang the traditional speech of Prince Marcello, in which a special thank you to all that has been reserved Seborgans, in this difficult and challenging time, They do not have failed to lend their support and their affection.
The evening ended with a gala dinner, which they were attended by a considerable number of diners. The Prince and his wife and Marcello The Counselor for Foreign Affairs Nina Dobler, delivered to TMM Order Gianfranco M. Guerra Certificate of Thanksgiving for the active and supportive collaboration, the presence of the Director of the Interior and Secretary of State Mauro Carassale.