Saturday 17 is Sunday 18 September 2016 two days were dedicated to the third Chapter of Peace. Days dedicated to the good will and harmony among the orders that refer to the Rule of St. Bernard.
The delegations of the Order who joined, have found themselves at the headquarters in Bergamo where dell'OSSCBS, after having carefully considered and discussed proposals for cooperation, It has led to the definition of the stipulations in the proposal backed by the "Senate Templar", structure previously formed in the past dall'OSSCBS and that welcomes each Order referring to the Templar world as well as exposed by TMM Gianfranco M. dell'OSSCBS war.
The Senate Templar, in fact, It proposes mode and prerogatives of each Order that would join the call, the sharing of values, the proposals that may be accepted if they are shared by the members.
The work began in the afternoon and ended the evening with a pleasant fraternal agape.

On Sunday 18 September was held in Castelleone, where delegations, i Cavalieri, Ladies and their guests gathered at the Shrine of Santa Maria in Bressanoro.
To the greetings and thanks to the defendants followed the presentation of the work done on the previous day by the TMM Gianfranco M. War.
The ceremony continued with the presentation of diplomas and certificates and the celebration of the contribution of the Prior appointment as a Knight OSSCBS for the constitution of his Priory.
Delegations, also came from abroad, shared with the OSSCBS the moments of the celebrations, sugellando all that has been presented and shared the text proposed by the Senate Templar.
The highlights of the celebrations were marked by soprano Eleanor Filipponi who wonderfully played the most evocative songs of the chivalric repertoire and the Mass.
Lunch at the Restaurant Ca 'del Facco, that seemed to end the day, He has instead brought more and constructive arguments that lasted into the afternoon.