L’OSSCBS, Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga the 27 May, Seborga, He participated in the filming of the documentary produced by Threesixzero Production in co-production with DP-ADVertising, for which there was Mr. Giulio Frediani (Filmmaker/ideas).
The Threesixzero Production – specializing in documentaries dealing with various topics ranging from social to cultural, dell'arte, travel, food, power and more - it was founded in 2001 the finalists Festival di New York Han Kwang Wei e Ng Hwee Hoon.
On average, it produces 80 hours of television programs a year for major networks and channels such as Mediacorp, Arts Central, National Geographic Channel e Discovery Channel.
The documentary about Seborga, directed by Kethoo Kong and conducted by the presenter Meixin Chen, It is part of the series Between Two Worlds, It will last one hour and will be broadcast on national television in Singapore Mediacorp Channel, which has six million viewers.
Filming began at the headquarters of the Order, before the interview with the TMM Cavaliere Gianfranco M. War which was followed Appointment Ceremony a member of the Grand Council of the Order.
In the procession Piazza San Martino has been reached where we held the Oath Ceremony.
At the request of television production, and thanks to the valuable suggestions of TMM Gianfranco M. War in the past President of Archeocucina, the restaurant Marcellino’s He has prepared a delicious Lunch Medieval, which it has enjoyed considerable success on the part of the diners.
Concluded agape, It continued the interview with TMM Order, closing filming in Piazza San Martino.