Saturday 17 June 2017 Seborga was held in the Chapter V of Peace convened dall'OSSCBS, which they were attended by various Orders of Chivalry that share, con l’OSSCBS, principles.During the course of the Chapter V of Peace was celebrated the ceremony made official the signing of cooperation agreements and reciprocity between 'Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga and l 'Sovereign Order of the Knights of Hugh Payns.
An important association to which it has come as a result of negotiations and a long epistolary activity started in the year 2016 and lasted until February 2017.
In subsequent meetings held before at the headquarters of the Order in Bergamo, and then at the Headquarters of the same in Seborga, Preliminary agreements have been made on its way to the formulation of cooperation agreements and reciprocity between theSovereign Order of the Knights of Hugh Payns, del GM Jean Christophe e Masmalet theOrder of the Holy Sepulcher dei Cavalieri Bianchi di Seborga OSSCBS, TMM Gianfranco M. War.
The formulation of these agreements has been viewed and approved by the same TMM, by the General Registrar and the General Siniscalco dell'OSSCBS.
To give completeness and greater solemnity to these acts, the Supreme Council of dell'OSSCBS Priori, which met at the meeting on 15 June 2017, approved both the approval of the Agreement of Cooperation is the approval of the Agreement of Reciprocity.
The delegations of the Orders that have accepted the invitation gathered at the venue where dell'OSSCBS in Seborga, three different groups formed, They have started to find themselves together again in Piazza San Martino, churchyard of the church in Seborga, each one occupying the position assigned to them.
The ceremony began with the surrender of all'OSSCBS honor TMM represented by Gianfranco M. War, the patron saints of the Order, citizens of Seborga and its representatives and the police forces present.
At the conclusion of the ceremony the agreements were signed by representatives of the underwriters Orders, each according to its mandate and its expertise within the Order of belonging, affixing the seal and signature of the licenses to the goodness of the same comprovazione.