Saturday 11 November 2017 Seborga were held celebrations in honor of St. Martin, Bishop of Tours who siimpegnò deeply for the Christianization of the countryside.Patron of the Pontifical Swiss Guards and beggars, hoteliers, cavalieri,It is venerated by the Catholic Church and even those Orthodox and Coptic.
Remembered for having divided in two with his sword his cloak to offer them half to a half-naked beggar at the gates of Amiens on a cold day and rain. Shortly after selling the first half met another beggar to whom he gave the other half: immediately he turned to the sky cloudless and the temperature became milder. Hence it was born the term "Indian summer".
Born in Pannonia, the current Hungary, pagan parents, the son of a Roman army officer, a 15 years he wore the uniform of a soldier. After serving Rome decided to leave the uniform to serve his "new commander" who do not conquering empires with the legions, but with love and solidarity towards others.
Appointed bishop of Tours, Martin exercised his episcopal ministry with authority and prestige, without ever leaving the monastic choices. Abbot of the monastery of Marmoutier – monastery he founded, considered the first monastery counted in Europe and that became very famous for the transcription of the Bible codes – here it will be soon joined by a large number of followers, imposing himself and to others a poverty rule, mortification and prayer.
"Apostle of the Gauls", patron of kings of France, It was greatly revered by the people: in him they were associated with the generosity of the Knight, renouncing ascetic and missionary activity. For St. Martin's poverty is not an ideology, but a reality to be lived in and rescue the poll.
He died on November 8, 397 and on November 11, His liturgical feast, He remembers the day of his burial.
Martin is one of the first martyrs proclaimed saints by the Church not. French Holy par excellence, his cult spread throughout Europe the model for Christians lovers of perfection.
The cloak of St. Martin, Guarded first by the Merovingian kings and later Carolingian, They lent the most solemn oaths.

St. Martin is the patron saint of Seborga. The celebrations were also invited to attend the 'Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga who welcomed with great enthusiasm the invitation, taking the opportunity to also celebrate the contribution of all charges and internal assignments'Order.
The celebrations began in the morning of the day 11 November in the parish church of San Martino, Don Filodemo Apollinaire celebrated Holy Mass which was attended by the parish choir with organ Mr. Aprosio.
The Mass, He participated in the 'Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga. Also present was the 'Order of St. Bernard of Seborga and the Venerable Order of the Knights of the Holy Alliance.
Also present were representatives of the Principality, Priors of Seborga and the civil authorities in an official capacity: the Mayor of Seborga Enrico Ilariuzzi with the deputy mayor and Pierre Donaday, Mayor of L'Escarene, common twinned with Seborga.
Concluded the Mass, Knights gathered at the home of 'Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga where the ceremonies for the awarding of internal duties and responsibilities to the Order were held.
After the celebration of the ceremonies, is a nice break was made at the restaurant Marcellino’s where the fraternal meal was shared.
In the afternoon, the religious festivities continued with the traditional procession in which the statue of Saint Martin was taken from Cavaliers dell'Ord Holy Sepulcher dei Cavalieri Bianchi di Seborga and former mayor of Seborga Mr. Franco Fogliarini.
After the church service, in the churchyard of St. Martin the participants were able to share refreshments during which it was possible to converse with the present Seborgans, experiencing with pleasure their enthusiasm for the comforting and discreet presence of White Knights of Seborga dell’OSSCBS, the parish priest and the mayor of Seborga. The latter, at the invitation of the parish priest, Father Apollinaire Filodemo, He has publicly opened the envelope with a donation made to the parish from Seborga 'OSSCBS which was followed by the gratitude of the civil authorities, of Seborga, of the Principality's representatives and guests, with warm applause.