Dear Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus, peace and love!

“The Angel of the Lord announced to Mary and announces to us” (Luca 1,26-38)

How to Madonna, a San Giuseppe, the prophets and the saints so too the Lord announces to Us:

“I have the Father's plan-Brother-Spirit for you,
for everyone… to be born again in you!
well in your creature poverty and sinner
you're always my
Living Nativity!”

The Sole that stands in our lives is Jesus who is born in us every minute: to be the Stella to guide towards the meta Eternal, With the’Love of God and the Next!

Trigger the love of God and neighbor

One day, a farmer, He knocked firmly at the door of a convent and gave the best bunch of grapes from his garden to the friar porter: “It is my Christmas gift to you: I've always treated and helped with friendship!”.
The porter gave it to his superior, telling: “To give Christmas joy!”. The top gave it to the old sick brother… who gave it to the cook monk… who passed it to the monk sacristan… who offered to younger brother…that led him to another…who thought it well to give it to another… until, of Brother Brother, bunch of grapes back to the ever-porter monk to give him the Joy of Christmas.
So it was very closed circle of joy…multiplied!

Our Christmas both the continuity of the Child Jesus, Holy Family, of the church: for Humanity!

That our Joy of Christmas Circle It extends to the Infinite with the Canticle of the Angels: “Glory to God and Peace to Men!”

Your Brother-Friend-servant in Christ, Mary and Joseph, Holy Family
With affection and fraternity, Praying in communion and in reciprocal Blessing