L’Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of Seborga Knights, It commemorated the 350th anniversary of the first minting of the coin in the Mint Abbey Lerinense Principality of Seborga, occurred in the year 1667.

In the mid-seventeenth century the monks of Lerins – always looking for some source of income and to ease the burden on the inhabitants of the Principality – decide to exercise any right pertaining to the Sovereign Prince and the 24 December 1666 It is activated Mint Seborgan. The first coin was minted in 1667, on the obverse the bust of St. Benedict (no halo) and written MONAST. Lerida Sense P. bobbin. (Monastery Lerinense Prince of Seborga) and on the back of the coat of arms Monastery of St Honorat Lérins with princely crown and the inscription 1667 SUB UMBRA HEADQUARTERS.

To honor this important date of the Abbey Principality of Seborga, OSSCBS the year 2017 – only emission purpose celebratory – He coined the CRVCINVS.
The CRVCINVS, realized in different sizes and weight, It has been produced using only and exclusively precious materials such as silver and gold with title 999/1000 and with limited numbers.
To honor the history, and share memories with Seborga, l’OSSCBS, meeting the intended organs, She decided to donate a silver coin to every child living in Seborga and was born in the 2007-2017, ie with maximum age of ten years old in 2017. The delivery of CRVCINVS silver occurred on 27 January 2018. Children who, accompanied by at least one parent, They occurred at the headquarters dell'OSSCBS in Seborga, were able to have their little darling supplied with a warranty and parchment certificate with the child's name, attesting delivery.