Saturday 10 February 2018, accompanied by the Knights of Brotherhood of the Knights Cristiani Jacques De Molay and their Massimo M GP. CIVA, a copy of Holy Shroud It began its journey from home to the Museum of the Shroud of Turin to Naples.
Already exhibited in Reggio Calabria during the past Christmas season, Thursday 8 February was delivered to Christian Knights Jacques De Molay of Turin. The first stop of the trip was Bergamo where, at the headquarters dell'Ord Holy Sepulcher dei Cavalieri Bianchi di Seborga, He was handed over to the Knights of Brescia for the continuation of his journey.
In Naples will remain exposed – from 16 February 2018 until the 25 February 2018 – in Chapel of Santa Maria Porta Coeli and San Gennaro, a small jewel of architecture built in the seventeenth century by Isabella, heir of Cinzia Della Porta, daughter of Giambattista, who married Alfonso of Costanzo Pozzuoli, one of the most important aristocratic families of the time.
The chapel also became a place of burial of the same family. In 1601 Duke Francesco Maria was buried there and donated the chapel to Deputation of the Treasure of San Gennaro, who still holds the.
Active Christian place of worship to 1980, He was then closed and abandoned. Devastated by looting and tampering of any kind, the Confraternity of Christian Knights Jacques De Molay the concession decades by the Deputation, taking the burden of securing and restoration, then reopening reason to the public in January 2017.