Saturday 27 January 2018 It was played, the game for the allocation of Trophy Principality of Peace 2017 in collaboration with the Association of Ventimiglia Spes in charge of the team that Seborga is in the field open (reserved for disabled children).
It was feared a gloomy day, however the weather was clement. A beautiful sunny day accompanied athletes in Centro Sportivo Fabio Taggiasco Vallebona took part in the football competition Trophy Principality of Peace 2017, has now reached its third edition. The trophy was conceived and promoted by Dr. Gianfranco M. War, TMM dell'Ord Holy Sepulcher dei Cavalieri Bianchi are Seborga, OSSCBS, and by the Order itself, in partnership with Football Federation of the Principality.
The competition was to be played in December 2017, but for technical reasons it was postponed in January 2018.
For the Spes Onlus Ventimiglia took to the field the players in the sector open, boys and employees of the association divided into two teams, and Spes Spes Varase Roverino. The Early Spes He has had the better of spes Raverino with the score 15 networks 8, taking victory in the Trofeo.
The coach of the national open, Giorgio Lodovici, and DS Federation of Seborga, Matteo Bianchini, They expressed their joy at the sports competition and its continuity over the years, expressing their gratitude to White Knights dell’OSSCBS and in particular to Dr. Gianfranco Maria Guerra, who longed for this initiative.