L'Order of the Holy Sepulcher dei Cavalieri Bianchi di Seborga OSSCBS He has participated in 'event organized under the aegis of Confederation St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Saturday 17 is Sunday 18 March in Paris, to celebrate the 900 years of the foundation of the Temple. The occasion was commemorated the death of two brave knights: Jacques de Molay e Geoffrey de Charnay.
The event was organized and promoted by all members of the Confederation which includes a substantial number of Cavalieri. Key role have been the great tenacity and perseverance untiring GP Massimo M. Civale of Christian Knights Jacques de Molay, and the collaboration of all the chivalric Orders that have taken part. These also include the’Order of the Holy Sepulcher dei Cavalieri Bianchi di Seborga OSSCBS represented by TMM Gianfranco M. War.
The Chapter opened on Saturday 17 March. After the welcome greetings and presentations of representatives – during which they were made of the important proposals of activity for the future and presented and signed reciprocity agreements between the members of Orders – the Assembly has visited in the nearby chapel, for the ceremonies. The Saturday ended with a fraternal agape.
The next day, Sunday 18 March, i Cavalieri, Ladies and iloro friends, They gathered at Pont Neuf, in the so-called Island of the Jews, at the precise place where the 18 March 1314 Jacques de Molay, the last of the Grand Order of the Temple Mestri, He was burnt alive along with the Preceptor of Normandy, Geoffrey de Charnay. He then continued to the time of the Notre-Dame cathedral where, graciously greeted by the Archpriest of the Cathedral and Rector Msgr. Patrick Chauvet, is an exciting ceremony was held with the celebration of S. Commissioning.

The Notre Dame Cathedral, masterpiece Gothic architecture, It is the main place of Catholic worship in Paris. Located in 'Ile de la Cite, It has the main facade that looks out on a square of important dimensions, originally called "Parvis Notre-Dame" Today "Place John Paul II". Behind the Cathedral, another large square is dedicated to Pope John XXIII.
The solemn and austere facade, framed by two imposing square towers, recalls the facade of the Norman Romanesque churches.
The Judgment of the tympanum of the central door - where top, the center, seated on a throne, Christ is Judge - recalls the brevity and fragility of life on earth and the final judgment of the end times, when God will judge all people according to the deeds done in life and allocate them each to Heaven or Hell.
Notre-Dame is a church of rare magnitude. It is composed of five naves, of which one central and two lateral aisles. Chapels placed radially framing the apse, while other chapels follow one another in the aisles. Majestic in its dimensions, long 130 meters wide 50, When you cross the threshold you are projected into a dimension of the enormous, a dimension that takes away almost breathless! It impresses the imposing round columns that, all equal and surmounted by capitals to abacus off, support the Gothic vaults six panel of the bays of the nave and choir. simple cruciform columns and pillars mark the rhythm instead of the aisles.
The pictorial and plastic decorations embellish the architectural beauty of this monument, and eyes are captured by the striking color effects that come from the great stained glass windows of the rose windows of the transept, crossed by daylight.
Devastated during the French Revolution, Notre Dame became the Temple of Reason before, to rise again as the Catholic Church after the Concordat 1801, signed by Napoleon Bonaparte and Pope Pius VII.
The relic of the Crown of Thorns found here "hospitality" - waiting for the completion of
Holy Chapel built to guard - but here it finally stopped after the Concordat 1801, thus becoming part of the Treasury of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

In the Notre-Dame Cathedral are all agreed. In this magnificent frame, Knights and Dames – each wearing the garments of their own Order of belonging and in procession compounds preceded by religious who then officiated the S. Commissioning – they went in the nave. Here they were seated in the seats reserved for them, occupying the first in front of the celebrant file. From this prime location, They were able to participate in the celebration of S. Commissioning, remembering the tragic event that ended the life of the Grand Master Jacques de Molay, and the Preceptor Geoffrey CharnaY, conclusion of the shameful farce “start walking” vilely to destroy a reality “uncomfortable”: the powerful Templar Order.
At the end of S. Commissioning, recomposed in procession and guided by celebrants, Knights and Dames concluded by expressing heartfelt thanks to the men and to Bishop. Patrick Chauvet for the friendliness and hospitality.
Two memorable and enjoyable days, rich in emotions and spent in an atmosphere of serenity and sincere brotherhood. With warm hugs and see you soon for the future next round, it will be equally important!