As by now consolidated tradition, the 20 August Knights of Seborga dell'OSSCBS Bianchi came together in Seborga, to honor and celebrate San Bernardo.This year the dell'OSSCBS stay in Seborga was longer than other years.
The Master General Cav. Gianfranco Maria Guerra, with Knights and Dames, they wanted to devote more time to Seborga, Order and its origins, taking the opportunity to discover the wonders of the Ligurian hinterland.
Led by the Grand Prior of 'Templar Order of St. John Dolceacqua, Cav. Ivano Anfosso, expert in this area, They have discovered the wonderful village of Dolceacqua, “told” with skill and wealth of detail from flawless guide.
An entire day was devoted to a tour of the island Saint Honorat – located in Provence, in the South of France, archipelago of Lerins in front of Cannes – during which it is visited the striking Cistercian Abbey whose Abbot, once, was the Abbey Principality Prince of Seborga.

The White Knights, by name, in fact, and pursuant to an indisputable history, are tied for centuries to the Abbey Principality of Seborga which, for feudal law, soggiaceva Abbot of Lérins.
Everything began with a donation of Count Pennant Ventimiglia, which also included the territory of Seborga, then a greater extent than at present.
The donation was made in the year 954, before Pennant Ventimiglia, Count of Provence, partisse by combattere "against Muslims traitors", alongside William the Liberator.
From 1079, with the permission of Pope Gregory VII, and according to the widely spread custom of that time, abbots St. Honore Lérins could claim the title of Prince-Abbots of Seborga.

At the festival of San Bernardo, there have been tourists and visitors, contrary to what is said and written by naive evil tongues.

The solemnity of the religious celebrations, He has seen the full participation of the Knights'Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga which, at the request of the citizens of Seborga and the same pastor, They brought the statue of the saint in the procession with which St. Bernard returns to its church.
In the Church of San Martino, Don Filodemo Apollinaire celebrated Holy Mass accompanied by the Choir of the Parish of Seborga.
Also present were the Prince Marcello's with wife Nina Dobler and the civil authorities of Seborga. At the celebrations attended – as guests dell'OSSCBS – Orders of chivalry friends including: the Grand Priory of the Holy Apostles and the Supreme military Of Christ, l’Ordo Templar Hugues de Payns Dolceacqua the Christians Templar Jacques de Molay, l’Sovereign Order of the Knights Templar Hugues de Payns. All Knights and Ladies in attendance wore dresses and the vestments of his own Order of belonging. Also present was the 'Order of St. Bernard of Seborga, who shared with the OSSCBS the main events of the day.

AI religious celebrations, It succeeded the performance of activities organized and planned by the City of Seborga.

The giornsta was concluded with a Gala Dinner, organized by the Principality of Seborga.