The Magister General dell'OSSCBS, Cav. Gianfranco M. War, He has had the honor of being awarded Commander of Grace of the Royal Order of Saints David and Constantine (Georgians Principles and Christian Martyrs), Order collation of Royal House of Bagrationi Georgia, recognized by the Apostolic Orthodox Church of Georgia.
At the very welcome announcement, follow the religious ceremony of blessing and delivery of the diploma and the honor.

The Royal House of Bagrationi Imereti It is one of the formerly sovereign families of Georgia, one of the oldest houses in the world Reali.
They were King and Sovereign Princes of various independent kingdoms and principalities in the Caucasus, Armenia, Cilicia and Georgia and brave defenders of Christian orthodoxy.
Head of the Royal House of Imereti, and Grand Master of the Dynastic Orders, is now His Royal Highness Prince Irakli Bagrationi Imeretinsky, Prince of the Byzantine Empire and the Russian Empire, recognized by the Orthodox Patriarchs of Constantinople and Moscow, and rightful heir to the throne of Georgia united.

The Royal House of Bagrationi Imereti established the Official Delegation of the Most Christian Royal House of Bagrationi Imereti (Georgia, Armenia and Cilicia), in Italy, Switzerland, Principality of Monaco, Republic of San Marino, Vatican and Holy See, Order of Malta (SMOM) and European Parliament, headed by, Prince Irakli Bagrationi Imeretinsky of Georgia has officially appointed, with full trust representative office, No bildonna of the losani and Lali DEI Conti nchulidze At the znauri.

The Lali and losani (Noblewoman with the treatment of his honor), Velikayaledi (Great lady), Zostepatrikia (Patrizia of Byzantium), Aznauri (Noble of the Kingdom of Georgia), Dvoryanka (Russian Empire Nobile) – Dame Grand Cross of the Order of St. George and Nemagnico Santo Stefano Eastern Rite (Casa Obrenovic), Lady Unica Class Order of Merit Imperial Eagle Golden Bicep (Casa Crnojevic), Official Lady of Justice Order of the Crown of the Kingdom of Georgia (Casa Gruzinsky), Ecumenical Orthodox Dama Imperial Order of St. Constantine the Great (house Cantacuzene) – It belongs to the ancient Caucasian Orthodox family of Conti Panchulidze Aznauri.
Warriors and feudal lords, Auditors were appointed by His Majesty the Czar Paul I Romanov Emperor of all the Russias, for the military merits of two General Ivan and Semyon Panchulidzev, who fought with value against the Ottoman Turks and the Napoleonic advanced.

The Cav. Gianfranco M. War, as a result of a mutual esteem and development of relationships of mutual collaboration, It has also been included in the Delegatizio Council of the Official Delegation.