On Sunday morning 28 October 2018, at the Chapel of the Imperial Orthodox Monastery of St. Seraphim of Sarov in Pistoia, It took place the Official Recognition Ceremony of the direct descendants of the Imperial House Leopardi of Constantinople by the traditional Greek Orthodox Church, in succession in SAI Uncle Don Hugo Jose Tomassini Paterno Leopardi who died in the United States of America.
Count Ezra Hannibal Theo Paterniano Foscari Widmann Rezzonico was high and enthroned as Prince Porfirogenito, Head of the Imperial House Heracliana Justinian Tomassini Paterno Leopardi of Constantinople (maternal ancestry) and Grand Master of the Dynastic Orders Imperial legitimate collation of the Family: l’Imperial Order Constantinian, l’Order of the Crown of Constantinople Heracliana (Dynastic Order of Merit, Hereditary heritage of Casa Leopardi of Constantinople-Tomasi-Tomassini-Paterno) and l’Order of the Honor Guard of Santa Sophia (Order of Merit, Hereditary heritage of Casa Leopardi of Constantinople-Tomasi-Tomassini-Paterno).
SAI Prince Patrick Marco Tomassini Paterno Leopardi (paternal line of the Imperial House Heracliana Justinian), Count of montelupone and San Leopardo, Megaduca Fano, Fermo and Porto San Giorgio, Grand Collar of the Dynastic Orders of the Imperial Family, alongside his cousin Ezra as Chancellor of the Dynastic Orders and Historical Secretary General.
The ceremony was celebrated by His Eminence Archbishop Silvano Livi, Vecovo of Luni and Exarch of the Holy Greek Orthodox Church Traditional Paleoimerologhita in Italy and Chaplain of the Imperial House and of the Dynastic Orders.
To the religious celebration is the successor of the concession of the Securities Ceremony Noble and Knightly Imperial Household Heracliana Justinian Tomassini Paterno Leopardi of Constantinople.
The ceremony was a delegation dell'Ord Holy Sepulcher dei Cavalieri Bianchi di Seborga. II Master General Gianfranco 1000. War and members of the delegation, They had the honor of being awarded the titles and honors of the Imperial Family.