Remembering 13 October 1307

An ancient village, who has experienced the presence of the Knights Templar, and a small church on a path of pilgrims: these places have hosted the Ceremony which it took place in the little church of the village Pontegatello, confidentially and the presence of a small group of friends, on Saturday morning 13 October.

The 13 October is a significant date for the Knights Templar, one of the most famous medieval Christian Orders.
The fateful Friday 13 October of the year 1307, day that began the slaughter organized by the French King Philip the Fair helped by his Keeper of Guillaume Nogaret and supported by the trifle of a pope "cowardly" and who was reluctant Clement V.
The tragic end of a long saga, which culminated in the death by burning of the last Grand Master of the Templars Jaque de Molay, in Paris on 18 March 1314.
They ended an era and so, at least officially, It ended the long history of the Knights Templar brave, then entered into history and legend.
There is no evidence, historically proved, effective continuity, to this day, Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Jerusalem. After almost seven centuries after the suppression, by Pope Clement V hand, with the Bull Vox in Excelso promulgated in the year 1312, To date it is not possible to draw some form of historically viable offspring.
There remains still an ideal link, spiritual and admiration for their devotion and courage.

Three bell strikes announce the ceremony and the Magister Generalis dell'OSSCBS thus began the celebrations, lived with attention and deep emotion by both protagonists both from guests.
present, as guests dell'OSSCBS, even the Grand Prior of Grand Priory of the Holy Apostles - SMEC Marcello Piergentili, accompanied by the Grand Officer Nicole Geraci.

At Ceremonies was followed Lunch friendly at the’Osteria Croce di Malta the same village, where they were tasted traditional dishes from Brescia.
Between courses the other, there have been interventions of high cultural profile which were attended by all the diners, with fruitful exchange of thoughts and opinions.
At the end of the day the Magister of Generalis’Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga, as well as Magister Militum Augusta Imperial House of Justinian Heracliana Tomassini Principles Paterno Leopardi of Constantinople, He has estimated the merits of some of the Knights’Order for their meritorious conduct, both inside and out of the 'Order. Lodi meritorious that have been accepted and approved by those present with applause.