“…not speak of them, but look and pass.”

“…not speak of them, but look and pass”. How right he was good old Dante…
The famous verse of the Divine Comedy, It is more relevant than ever: a world full of gnomes, certain to be giants. Annoying harassers nibbling ankles…because higher fail to arrive!
It is said that patience is a virtue, the quality and attitude of living mishaps, adversity and difficulties with tranquil mood. L’Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga OSSCBS is strong: it is into its individual components, and even more as a compact group!
A modus vivendi winning. Con patience, dedication and time commitment, remarkable results have been achieved. Successes that OSSCBS, along the way, He shared with friends, old and new, in pace, serenity and joy…and sometimes with so much, much fun!
Humility is the power the wise: walking stiffly, too straight and with the head always facing upwards, the risk of tripping is very high…

"Fame of them the world is not to be lax;
mercy and justice disdain them:
not speak of them, but look and pass. "
(Inf. III, 51)

To greater things,

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