Saturday 23 February 2019 Cuggiono, in the province of Milan, Ceremony is the place of presentation of Italian Delegation of the Imperial House Cantacuzene (Kantakouzenos, Cantacuzeni, Cantacuzino, Cantacuzino) Byzantium, Voivodes of Wallachia, Transylvania is Moldavia.
Head of the Imperial House is SAI Prince Vladimir Basileus Alexandrovich GorshkovCantacuzene.

The Casa Imperial Cantacuzene It is officially recognized by Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople, from Patriacato Russian Orthodox Moscow and Orthodox Church of Romania.
Delegate appointed for Italy and His Excellency Sevast Father Claudiu Cocan, Transylvanian young priest and pastor of Romanian Orthodox Church in Italy.
In his parish of San Paisio in Cuggiono, Claudiu Father celebrated Holy Mass in Italian and Romanian Orthodox language, which was attended by all guests of the Ceremony.
In its commitment to Delegate, Father Claudiu will be joined by Baroness Lucia Chelcea and Eng. Romolus Popescu, President of Romanians in Italy.

The participation of the Consul of Romania, Lawyer Iulia Adriana Cupsa the Kiseleff Consulate General of Romania from Milan, It gave important Ceremony the right degree of formality.
Among the distinguished guests include the Baron Roberto Jonghi Lavarini, representing the International Cultural Association European Aristocracy, I losani Lali nchulidze At the znauri on the ste trikia, representing the Union of Nobility Byzantine, Count Enzo Morosini module Risicalla and Sant'Anna Morosina, Marchese Piero Malatesta Malatesta of Rimini, it M.G. Cav. Gianfranco M. War and General Siniscalco Cynthia Lai, on behalf of 'Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga OSSCBS, Count Massimo Paltrinieri Carpi, on behalf of’Chapter Order of the Knights of Concord.

Concluded the ceremony was shared a lunch with tasting of dishes belonging to the culinary tradition Romanian.