The Cultural Association ARS-Art Space has organized art event DamArs II, The Women in Art in partnership with Centro Solidarnost, event reserved for painters,sculptors, graphics, photographers and operators Italian and foreign art digital.
The exhibition was staged in Palazzo Durini, one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces, with opening from 26 March to 2 April 2019.
A Commission, taking account of the conceptual, creative, technicians, has selected forty works including Costanza Master War, a beautiful bronze with dimensions of 50x60x21cm, realized with the fusion technique of lost-wax.

Despite his many business commitments, the Maestro War will never abandon the passion for art, especially for sculpture. In 1974 opens its laboratory-gallery in Bergamo which remains open until 1999. In recent years there has been a continuous increase of its claims in Italy and abroad. He exhibits in France, Spain, Switzerland, United States, Japan and other countries, obtaining numerous reports, awards and national and international awards.
Its high technical expertise and his love of ancient and modern art led him to confront delicate restoration.
A lover of history and its more or less known aspects, works with symbols and hidden meanings.
He is a passionate and expert, researcher and investigator of ancient technologies, Art and history, appraiser and art expert.
Its versatility, curiosity and continuous desire to have led the experiment using different techniques and materials: marble, terracotta, glaze on metals, e cloisonné champlevé, windows, mosaic, investment casting in bronze, silver and gold for jewelery and numismatic collections.
His artistic work is developed further investigate the most intimate aspects of man through a passionate humanist knowledge and grasp the feelings and vital impulses, like a voyage of Ulysses, where a destination is followed by another in a constant return.

The jury, headed by Art Director, Eva Amos and the curator of the Association ARS-Art Space, Anastasia Lavrikova and composed of leading figures in the art world, among all participants he selected ten artists who have been awarded the Award Show. Winner Section Incanto was Gianfranco Maria Guerra with his beautiful Costanza.

In the exhibition catalog, Ivan Fassio art critic writes: "The sculpture by Gianfranco Maria Guerra tells us of memories and appeals discounted, research trips and conquest through modernity and tradition. The work on the weight indicates the bustling gap from classic impositions, establishing immediately a courageous tug of war against the canon. The structure wins in lightness to conclude narratively the load of emotion of the features with dramatic and felt solemnity. By purposefully and dynamically figurative mold, emptiness tells an impressive silence, that fills with a sudden break all the work intensity ... His aesthetic practice tends to the formulation of a new humanism, the dynamics of which are aimed towards a clear and courageous variation of impulses and feelings in the universal existential journey ".