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The Templars in history

The Knights Templar, unlike the Knights Hospitaller, that at one time tried to trace their origins to St. John, They never tried to rebuild their "legend". Continue reading “Ancient history”

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The author of this collection of notes, written by journalist Maria Grazia Bruni taken from the memoirs of a Knight, outline briefly the events that in recent years have characterized the various teams of VEOSPSS.
This Order, which originates from the Rule of St. Bernard of Clairvaux and its roots in the Templar world, It was the refounded 13 October of the year 2000 by the Grand Priore Giorgio 1st Prince of Seborga.
The journalist, for freedom of the press, It is limited to describing the facts, so as to avoid further controversy and put in good or bad light one side rather than the other.
The following text provides a description of the events relating to persons involved in a situation in itself rather inciprignita, trying not to further exacerbate tempers in a controversy, today again, does not find its solution.

recent history Remarks – Part one
recent history Remarks – Second part
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