The author of this collection of notes, written by journalist Maria Grazia Bruni taken from the memoirs of a Knight, outline briefly the events that in recent years have characterized the various teams of VEOSPSS.
This Order, which originates from the Rule of St. Bernard of Clairvaux and its roots in the Templar world, It was the refounded 13 October of the year 2000 by the Grand Priore Giorgio 1st Prince of Seborga.
The journalist, for freedom of the press, It is limited to describing the facts, so as to avoid further controversy and put in good or bad light one side rather than the other.
The following text provides a description of the events relating to persons involved in a situation in itself rather inciprignita, trying not to further exacerbate tempers in a controversy, today again, does not find its solution.


The charism of Giorgio 1st was such that it allowed him to appoint or remove charges rather "humorally". But this, in people who have a strong charisma, It is the most tolerated.
There were of the Ordinances, a Statute, One regola per un'attività internal all'Ordine denominator "venerable Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher sacred principalities" (VEOSPSS) the White Knights of Seborga, It is a "de facto association" never properly registered with the relevant bodies and never incorporated in legal form.
It should also be said that the figure of Prince and the position of Grand Prior, coincide in the same person, it was not a custom in the Order, but for George 1st it was acceptable.

In 2005 Knight was hired to Gianfranco Maria Guerra - with no pay (and this in George 1st liked) - to draw up a statute that would later be formalized and implemented, He is a person with considerable international corporate experience and business organization, to give legal form to VEOSPSS. A serious family problem prevented Dr. Guerra to complete the assignment received, Thus in 2008, when the same is introduced without what is required but only with a draft statute, also publicly he is taken a good dressing down by Giorgio 1st ... which was certainly not for the thin! That draft statute, prepared by Dr. Guerra, however it was used in May 2010 in order to constitute the legal form as an association VEOSPSS, of which Dr. Diego Beltrutti was the Grand Prior and the Grand Secretary Richard Bonsi, with headquarters in Turin.

Let's step back. After a few months after the funeral of George 1st and after the official commemoration in his honor in November 2009, Knights us (at that time Vice Regent Grand Prior of the Order lawyer Alberto Romano and Grand Secretary Richard Bonsi) we had to face three major problems:
1) Proceed to the appointment of our new Grand Prior of VEOSPSS.
2) Changing our systems to split the figure of the Prince to that of the Grand Prior of the Order, not being able to predict who would be elected as the new Prince of Seborga.
3) Decide which candidate to support for designation as successor to George 1st as Prince, elected by only citizens of Seborga (with participation in this election too many Knights, as "Citizens of the Principality").
On the second point we were all (rightly) agreement.
On the first and third point, between the various priories, They began to rise internal rivalry Order, often conducted with unseemly methods for "real" Knights.
They followed expulsions and internal divisions Order, almost replicate the usual despicable behavior of certain environments partisan or Masonic.
Against Alberto Romano - from regular citizens of the Principality same time and often with functions alter ego Prince, and Prior of a Priory always in Rome - it took place a deposing from his role as Grand Regent, conduct in my opinion excessive animosity (and wickedness).

In the winter at the turn of the 2009/2010, this measure was followed, thanks to the Richard Bonsi, The "appointment" to the Grand Prior of the Order (with somewhat procedure "uninhibited") di Diego Beltrutti, Prior to Rodello.
Alberto Romano - who already aspired to the office of Grand Prior, and also to the possible appointment of Prince of Seborga - backed by several former Knights of the Priory of Rome (meanwhile he went into dissolution, precisely because of the same Alberto Romano) He began to challenge the election of Diego Beltrutti in Grand Prior.
At this point, against Alberto Romano - just or unjust with various motives - was issued a deportation order by the Order (in my opinion right) Part del VEOSPSS, which subsequently, with a deed, It was formed in the form of association, as already mentioned above.
In this structure - based in Turin at the office of Richard Bonsi - Diego Beltrutti was Grand Prior and the Grand Secretary Richard Bonsi.
Immediately after, recorded as a trade mark the initials of VEOSPSS.

Alberto Romano (with which, being part of the same Priory of Rome, I have long been linked also by true friendship) instead of taking a step back or appeal as provided with the necessary mode constituted, with some Knights to him "aligned", a new VEOSPSS, as opposed to VEOSPSS Diego Purglia and Riccardo Bonsi! (... I remember I expressed my dissent in a meeting with Alberto Romano at his studio in Rome with other Knights, comparing this initiative to the ongoing struggles within the old Church of the reigning Pope in opposition to the Anti shift Pope!).

After a hard-fought selection that saw eliminated many suitors (including from the beginning even Alberto Romano), on the front of the designation of the new Prince candidate remained in the field only two candidates: Bepi Morgia and Marcello Menegatto. Neither of the two belonging to any Priory.
Each of the two candidates was supported by much of the population of Seborga, with a greater consistency for Marcello Menegatto, also they converged on which the consents of Knights gathered around Alberto Romano.
In favor of Morgia Knights were square near Purglia Diego and Richard Bonsi.
In the final vote prevailed Marcello Menegatto, which becomes the new Prince of Seborga taking the name of Marcello 1st.
For election took place, instead of looking for an appropriate re-consolidation, accentuate the distances between winners and losers. bitter controversy, exchange of mutual accusations and warnings trace an increasingly deep furrow between the various teams, considering himself each of them and the authentic VEOSPSS, as such, custodian of morals and charismatic legacy of George 1st.

On behalf of the Knights of Rome, major supporters of the new Prince, Also considering himself entitled "politically" by the victory of Marcellus, It was even operated a sort of neo-purge against the Knights "opponents", with the revocation of citizenship of Seborga granted to them during the period of Giorgio 1 °.
On the other hand, Unfortunately, a good part of the Italian has always made enticed by the "civil wars"! (I believe that this measure had been adopted by Marcello 1st, of its inspiration from Alberto Romano Grand Prior and the members of the Grand Council of the Order of the VEOSPSS Rome).

In late 2010, Also in VEOSPSS Diego Beltrutti - who meanwhile had brought home in Busca (CN) - they were accentuating consistent internal conflicts, particularly with Richard Bonsi, materialized then with a new measure of deposing first and a subsequent radiation from VEOSPSS of the Grand Prior Diego Beltrutti, upon detection of irrefutable documentation that decreed the expulsion necessary. The letter of expulsion was also posted on the web.
To all this was followed by the appointment of Knight Walter Barbero to new Grand Prior of VEOSPSS, and the temporary transfer of the seat from Busca in Bergamo. I believe that the expulsion order against Diego Beltrutti, as well as in the previous one against Alberto Romano, Riccardo Bonsi has played a key role. The difference between the two situations is that against Alberto Romano the "allegations" were not based on reliable data, while for Diego Beltrutti complained of what had emerged from documents and reliable data, "Served" Riccardo Bonsi from "someone" at the appropriate time. Perhaps "someone" against Diego Beltrutti you wanted to remove "a pebble in the shoe", conveying the websome arguments, made circular "artfully" in the appropriate time.
Richard Bonsi substantial documentation published on the website concerning the subject matter VEOSPSS, documentation was then removed as a result of legal proceedings initiated, in his regards, by Diego Beltrutti.

The headquarters will move immediately from Bergamo to Turin, office Riccardo Bonsi, then still be moved in Nizza Monferrato at the residence of the same Bonsi and again, After a very short time, Seborga at the home of Antonio Cao. Note that subsequently, coincidentally following the "resignation" of Walter Barbero as Grand Prior of VEOSPSS, including Richard Bonsi was Grand Secretary, He was elected Grand Prior own Richard Bonsi!

Meantime, Diego Beltrutti - who was also contesting its expulsion - returned to his Priory of Rodello constituted, he remained with the Knights, "another VEOSPSS" called (just) VOSS - but always referring to the principles of the original VEOSPSS - and which is the Grand Prior.

Immediately after these events, the Gianfranco M. War - Knight Grand Officer of the former member of the Grand Council (come me) He leaves his duties up to the priory of VEOSPSS Richard Bonsi, having been previously appointed prior, because it was not possible to add two positions according to the statute then in force - constitutes its Priory called "For greater glory of God", with headquarters in Bergamo.
Tale Prioria (to which I subsequently aderivo) dotatasi own associative autonomy - with statutes and well articulated regulations, dutifully referring to the Statute of VEOSPSS from which it came - acquired an ever greater autonomy and numerical consistency. It is engaged in the Knighthood of the Order as Priory, both in the social fabric, with initiatives in support of professional and business activities with projects and programs and sustainable economy and solidarity finance, with connections in Italy and abroad, with regard to solidarity between the Knights, in compliance with ethical and moral principles.

In June 2014, as a result of the fragmentation occurred, VEOSPSS of the situation could be summarized as follows:
1 - the Grand Prior Richard Bonsi moved, with all his family, Nizza Monferrato in Seborga, at the home of the Grand Dame Miriam Ferretti and Cao Anthony Knight, This residence also becomes the new home of VEOSPSS.
In Seborga he moved with his family even the former Grand Prior Walter Barbero.
The VEOSPSS conducts business in Liguria, especially in San Remo, Ventimiglia and probably also in Piedmont where was the original Priory of Caffi.
a website is active and the "Journal of the White Knights of Seborga", (in my opinion, in line too much controversy with the other Knights).

2 - It VEOSPSS, nominally conducted by the Grand Prior Alberto Romano, It is closely connected with the Prince Marcello 1st. It counts a main Priory in Seborga (Priore Paolo Ramozzi) and other (that I do not know) in Rome. Since this order is edited a magazine called Seborga Inside, conducted by Marcello Paris, Their Knight and Deputy Grand Prior.
Each has a split occurred, see the next step 5.

3 - Diego Beltrutti, after the expulsion from VEOSPSS, It constitutes the VOSS with headquarters in Busca (CN), becoming the Grand Prior. The VOSS carries out various activities including a website and some publications. It entertains with other orders of knights templar various agreements stipulating relations. shines, in my opinion, being too pompous with a barely concealed ambition which sometimes manifests itself in public statements clumsy. Perceived attitude and not even liked by other Knights and Orders which led him to removal orders by the structures with which it had undertaken of the relationship. The VOSS is very close to the Knight Bishop. Paolo Cartolari.

4 - The first "for the greater glory". Formed in the form of Brotherhood by Gianfranco Maria Guerra Priore, He is based in Bergamo. Priory very well structured, very active, with numerous adhesions and mainly concentrated in the develop of those activities already explained at the end of the preceding paragraph.
The Prior maintains excellent personal relations with both companies and governments of Eastern European countries, both with the Holy See, both with the Orthodox Church of Moscow, for which he has played important relationships, such as delivery of the relics of Papa Giovanni XXIII, entrusted by the Bishop of Bergamo Mons. Roberto Amadei, the Orthodox primate of Moscow.

5 - Another Order, afferent to VEOSPSS Rome, It is always formed in Rome, in the spring 2014. Of this we have no other information except that it is called SVEOSPSS.

THEN…. then there are many knights, baffled by this situation and currently with no participation in any Priory reference, They were "loose" or otherwise outside the "active dynamic" ingeneratesi in recent years. (In my opinion they should be contacted for a rapprochement, avoiding unnecessary controversy).

Gianfranco War is engaging in a series of talks and contacts, often difficult, to reach a roundtable with the Knights of the other "groups" of VEOSPSS. The intention would be to examine the possibility of a re-consolidation of the Order on the basis of arguments and elements that could be unifying opposing additional or subsequent divisions. Unfortunately, He had participated in some meetings already carried out and found that the various stakeholders are perched on exaggerated personalities, or even do not give answers to some, I think that you are driving along a road too uphill, but not to be abandoned.



The 23 January 2011, with a document signed by numerous Knights of Rome and countersigned by S.A.S. Marcello 1°, It was reconstituted VEOSPSS recognizing Grand Prior S.A.S. Marcello 1° (Prince already elected by the people of Seborga 25 April 2010), confirming the charges already paid by the Grand Prior and Prince Giorgio 1st during his tenure and he saw that Deputy Grand Prior lawyer Alberto Romano and Grand Secretary Marcello Paris.
Subsequently they will alternate the Grand Prior charges, Vice Grand Prior and the Grand Secretary, Marcello remaining 1st Grand Prior Emeritus.

In 2014 Dr. Gianfranco Guerra pursuing with conviction and diligence relations with the Knights of VEOSPSS of Rome and Alberto Romano, with the hope of reaching a reasonable agreement as well as a statutory regulations for the Priory of Rome. The versions of the Statute for the priory of Rome became more and more numerous street, since the points of view within their group do not always coincide. Alberto Romano offers its own form in contrast to the Knights represented by the group of Marcello Paris and Dr. Marcello Nardi which in turn will propose another.
The Gianfranco Guerra collaborates with Marcello Marcello Nardi Paris and to resolve the problems born from these differences and take with them the drafting of the new statute that would satisfy both sides, to provide a structure and a legal form recognized in their organization. Following corrections, changes, variations and interpretations: the statute versions multiply becoming numerous.

Epilogue of the dispute is the establishment and registration, by the Roman group, the SVEOSPSS (The venerable Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher holy sacred principalities): Grand Priore Paolo Ramozzi, Deputy Grand Priore Marcello Paris and Grand Secretary Marcello Nardi. Gianfranco Guerra is aware of this in April of 2014. In the Statute SVEOSPSS not the name of Alberto Romano appears. It states to make explicit reference to VEOSPSS and the Rule of St. Bernardo di Chiaravalle. Purposefully it adds the "S" in the acronym head to "take" and "distances not to be confused" with the VEOSPSS conducted by Riccardo Bonsi which, as previously said, She had prematurely recorded the theme song VEOSPSS. Meanwhile intensify relations between the interlocutors Alberto Romano and Gianfranco War and reach a harmony not initially hoped. It should be noted a note of bitterness by the same Alberto Romano towards its Knights, independently, They have taken initiatives without his knowledge.

However, the interlocutors continued relationships with these Knights. Meanwhile, Alberto Romano Gianfranco Guerra proposes a meeting for Wednesday in Seborga 13 August 2014.
The meeting will never happen due to the sudden disappearance of the same Alberto Romano took place the day 11 August.

In the funeral day, Gianfranco Guerra meets informally Prince S.A.S. Marcello 1 with which it agrees to continue the already opened dialogue with the same Alberto Romano. At their next meeting, It opens an agreement that will bring good results. Prince Marcello 1st welcomes with confidence and enthusiasm a proposal containing a draft drawn up by Gianfranco War. The proposal is implemented masterfully by the Prince Marcello 1st by decree dated 20 August 2014, with which he convenes a first “Chapter of the Order of the Knights of Peace Bianchi Seborga”.
The following is an excerpt:
"... The historicity and SEEN sacredness of the Order of the White Knights of Seborga.
VIEW the irrefutable belonging and connotation of the same Order with the Principality of Seborga to which it is linked by historical events.
VIEW the current loss of credibility of the Order due to the continuous, useless fragment of the same and of the antinomies that this has generated.
VIEW the recent departure of Brother lawyer Alberto Romano.
CONSIDERING the principles that are the foundation of the Order such as loyalty, CALLS humility and obedience to law, as by the above-mentioned Decree of Giorgio 1 °, the Knights of Seborga Bianchi - those already on the death of Prince Giorgio 1st and he and only he invested, who in recent years have been present but also those who were absent or that have fallen away and have not been participating for various reasons, but which, although always remain Cavalieri Seborgan Bianchi invested by Giorgio 1 °…snip… Membership in the convocation of the Chapter of Cavalieri sarà the only real sign of willingness to sweep aside misunderstandings, unnecessary grudges and quarrels to achieve an agreement that riaccomuni all the Brothers in order to find PEACE, UNITA 'and dignity' of the Order ... "…snip…
The Decree is proposed as an attempt at rapprochement and reconciliation for all White Knights. The Chapter of Peace takes place in the next Seborga 20 September 2014, during which formalizes:
"... the new definition of the Principality of Seborga Peace, which, as such by definition and purpose, pursue any activity likely to develop any program, pending the Law and the Laws, concretizzarne for the purposes ... ".

one is set up to better organize and coordinate the Chapters of Peace “College of Peace” that the Prince S.A.S. Marcello 1°, The Privy Council, the Council of Priors of Seborga and acceding Knights, can manage a set of activities that are luster and honor to the country itself.
The Prince and Gianfranco War continue to work, waiting to be able to find common understanding between the knights of the various orders that were made in time and we have already made mention.

To date, end of December 2014, the situation is summarized as follows:

1-The Association VEOSPSS, led by Grand Prior Richard Bonsi, not collect the Prince's invitation, responding to the contrary in a rather unpleasant way at the hands of their Grand Secretary Sandro Vinciguerra.

2-The VOSS autonomously continues its activities with the Grand Prior and Diego Beltrutti, always looking for affirmation and credibility, formally adheres to the invitation of Prince, participating in the First Chapter of Peace held in Seborga.

3-The SVEOSPSS the Grand Prior Ramozzi Paul leads a somewhat polemical line and does not collect the Prince Marcello invitation, continuing with its own line of action.

4-La stages of Greater Glory of God, assuming the responsibility of the importance of the Project, It makes himself available in the Principality, and offers its cooperation to proceed in the best way.

Thus began a constructive and concrete collaboration for the implementation of “Seborga Peace”.
Gianfranco Guerra, living up to the commitment made, It develops multiple activities of the project and proposes the regulation of the convening of the Chapters of Peace and the Peace College – officially established and formalized by Decree issued by S.A.S. Marcello 1° in data 21 October 2014 – which also follow a Regulations.
In view of its ongoing commitment, Gianfranco Guerra is appointed, Official communication with Prince S.A.S. Marcello 1st 23 January 2015, Honorary Ambassador of the Principality of Seborga and Chairman of the Peace College.
Simultaneously, the Priory “To the greater glory of God” It is recognized as the Priory under the same Principality, with the simultaneous granting of the use of heraldry and symbols specific to the Principality of Seborga.
Gianfranco War is dedicated to external relations for the benefit and in the interest of the White Knights of Seborga.
Repeatedly he invited to meetings with other Orders of Chivalry, participates in various activities promoting and signing cooperation agreements.
the Prioria “To the greater glory of God”, having developed and consolidated its own important structure, on invitation and solicitation Prince Marcello decides to assume a new configuration and a new titration. It is therefore convened an extraordinary meeting of the Priory to ratify this decision.
They definitely distance themselves from the original VEOSPSS, which still it belonged only nominally, and the misunderstandings and confusion that still distinguished him.
the Prioria “To the greater glory of God” It takes on new form and name “Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga” (OSSCBS) – the result of careful and painstaking historical research – place pending the legal right has been established as a "Brotherhood Chivalry" by Notary Public Act registered with the Inland Revenue, with its Statute and Regulations, legally irreproachable association with precise and organized internal structure.
By decree of 10 February 2016 a signature Principe, the Privy Council and the Council of Priors, the OSSCBS is recognized as the sole and exclusive Order of the Knights of Seborga Bianchi and his Principality.


The 23 April 2016, Feast of St. George, It took place in the Seborga Mutual Recognition Ceremony tra l’OSSCBS, representatives of Seborga and the Principality of Seborga.
During the ceremony at the Principality Representatives the "Collection of the Principality Decrees" was delivered from 1995 until the 10 February 2016, including "General Statutes and the main Decrees issued in the sovereign Principality of Seborga" and published by Giorgio 1st.
The ceremony continued with the signing of the "recognition" Statement with which the Supreme Council of Priors Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the Knights of Seborga Bianchi recognizes the authority of the existing institutions of Seborga, the Principality and its Representatives.

L’OSSCBS, from the foundation, has placed and acknowledged for natural location and historical vocation its headquarters in Seborga. This declaration follows the decree issued by the Principality on 10 February 2016, in which they are specified the steps that defined the ever closer cooperation between the Principality and the Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga.

in the meantime, the Knights who were Giorgio 1st and even dissenting or not more participants, has reiterated the appeal to the union through the chapters Peace, recognized by Decree of Prince Marcello since September 2014 to pacify the Knights divided by controversy and divisions following the disappearance of Giorgio 1 °.

Saturday 21 May 2016, on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of his election as Prince S.A.S Marcello 1st, It was celebrated another Agreement between the Principality of Seborga and OSSCBS decreeing:
1-acceptance Prince S.A.S. Marcello, as a representative of the Principality of Seborga;
2-Participation of the Prince as a member of the Supreme Council of Priors, with the prerogatives and powers expressed in the Statute and Rule of, Code of Ethics and the Charter of the Knight;
3-Magister Emeritus award the title of the Prince of Seborga.

In this way it has been consolidated the close relationship between the OSSCBS and the Principality. Il Principe, duly elected by the citizens of Seborga, He will have the right to attend meetings of the Supreme Council of the Order Priori.

Following these events, the Grand Prior of the VOSS Diego Beltrutti, despite the numerous activities carried out by 'OSSCBS – always announced publicly and also reported on the web by the Principality – perhaps less interested in what has been done in these two years, It requires an appointment to the Prince still arguing his case: recognition of his order VOSS as the only order of the Principality and he as Grand Prior.
Diego Beltrutti, after repeatedly requested a meeting with the Prince Marcello, finally gets it. The meeting is set for Monday day 9 May 2016 in Seborga.
Prince Marcello expressly requests that the meeting is also attended by representatives dell'OSSCBS and those of the Privy Council.
For OSSCBS are: Magister Maior and Chairman of Gianfranco Guerra Peace Council, the Registrar General and member of the Peace Council Cavaliere Augusto Del Vecchio, Siniscalco General of Lady Cinzia Lai.
For the Privy Council are: Counselor for Foreign Affairs Nina Dobler, Councilor for the Interior and Secretary of State Mauro Carassale and the Councilor for Youth and Education Maria Carmela Serra.
From the beginning, the Grand Prior of the VOSS Diego Beltrutti revealed, all short, as the reason for his presence is only the request for recognition of his Order, he VOSS, by the Principality as well as his office of Grand Prior of the same, completely ignoring (sic!) what had been done and built over the past two years by the Principality and dall'OSSCBS.
Prince illustrates the fruitful work with the OSSCBS Order and the great organization of the Order itself, mutual understanding consolidated in time with a long and continuous collaboration and with the activities carried out together.
The Order is a separate and independent structure, but there is a close collaboration with the Principality, which it is well other structure!
Il Principe, peremptorily, reiterates that Diego Beltrutti: "... or it establishes an agreement with the OSSCBS, within the rules and structure of the latter, or not even mentioned!».
Prince the "recalled" even some previous situations to which Diego Beltrutti participated actively, adverse situations that were at the same Prince Marcello from the moment of elections, as well as various initiatives undertaken by the same Beltrutti, if not contrary, however, all were directed only in favor of his own "person" or of his own Order, without proposing anything constructive in favor of the principality but only claiming a role or authority.
At this point the Prince dismisses Diego Beltrutti accession with the only possibility of him and his Order all'OSSCBS, but Diego Beltrutti, subsequently, does not welcome the proposal.
Thus ends the first act, with the departure of the Prince Beltrutti Marcello and the Principality of Seborga with regard to the recognition of his Order, he VOSS!

For a better clarification of the next history, you need to take a step back.
In February 2016, Marcello Prince is forced to return urgently from his institutional trip to India: un certo Nicolas Mutte, of French nationality, He presented himself as Nicolas 1er, self-proclaimed Prince of Seborga, without which nothing could presagirlo.
Start roundup of Web ads, phantasmagoric proposals for the municipality of Seborga. Post a video message in French for all Séborgiens and Seborgiennes, in which states commit to fight to gain independence from Italy in the Principality, promising prosperity to the people.
A summing up of this "new budget" is Marcel Mentil, French longtime collaborator of the Principality of Seborga and Consul for Sport for Alsace which, after the sudden and unexpected about-face, It was immediately and rightly withdrawn the charge that covered and citizenship Seborga, as well as to his family members and co-workers with whom he had plotted.

For those who have been part of George I VEOSPSS, the news that follow are of a bleak sadness.
Diego Beltrutti, In this new framework created by the Seborga self-made prince Nicolas 1er and after debacle meeting mentioned the 9 May 2016 in Seborga con S.A.S. Marcello, what does he do?

Note the dates:
immediately after 9 May Beltrutti Diego adheres to self-made prince Nicolas 1er and his "court", taking care to promptly make known the agreement with an official statement that the public a few days later on the web site of his own Order. The same will be done on web site of the self-made prince.
They follow and chase each news, published on its web site, that tell of numerous reciprocal agreements between the VOSS Grand Prior Diego Beltrutti and the elusive Independent and Neutral Sovereign Principality of Seborga.
A sugellare statements and their agreements, the 16 June 2016 It held a ceremony in a church of Bastia Mondovi, in the presence of self-made prince Nicolas, the deputy mayor of Bastia Mondovi in ​​tricolor flag (?). Diego Beltrutti, in this way, He realizes its coveted Grand Prior recognition of an Order "to the service" of a somewhat "architected and elusive" Independent and Neutral Sovereign Principality of Seborga (this is defined!).

For the moment we do not intend to say more here, except in store for the early adoption of appropriate measures in the event that may be necessary. The sad news is that the representative of the Order VOSS, ambition, on home soil it would seem to have succumbed to the lure of a “mysterious Prince” – with a "mysterious principality" and did not land – who sings in his ravings to a split from Italy to develop financial assets, Business, lobbying and business establishments ...! In fact, all the "court" is in France. Few of them have set foot in Seborga.

Seborgans, after the French attempt of being defrauded of sovereignty on the choice of their prince, do not welcome with open arms like a "character" that sympathizes with "the imposter and his court"!
Saturday 6 August 2016 Diego Beltrutti goes back to Seborga after trying in vain to get in touch with Marcello Prince who, after the meeting 9 May 2016 and subsequent events, He had expressed their desire to not want to meet more. It comes in Seborga in the company of his cousin, his son and brother of Nicolas Mutte, the self-made prince Nicolas 1er, two bodyguards and a minister of the "pseudo principality".
Prince Marcello, having refused to meet with the "putschists", He gave authorization to its representatives.
The meeting took place at Marcellino's Restaurant, the presence of a delegation Seborgans, including a representative of the Council of the Crown and Priors of the Principality. Also present was the Consul of the Principality de Triquet Tintignac baron Andre ', as a translator and witness.
We save what we have argued the delegation "coup" (They tell us who produced hilarious comments). Diego Beltrutti, considering making an unprecedented scoop and Gianfranco Guerra had arrogated the appointment of Ambassador of the Principality of Seborga, surprise has extracted and revealed a "document" in its possession: the letter Gianfranco Guerra drew up and sent in response to a character of Togo who had asked him to become, heard, heard, Consul of Togo on behalf of the Principality of Seborga!
The Gianfranco Guerra response to the character of the Togo postponed, justly and accrual, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Principality, Nina Dobler. Careless tuguese thought to shorten the road turning to self-made prince Nicolas.
The representatives of the country itself, with great disappointment of Diego Beltrutti, They have confirmed the appointment of Gianfranco Guerra as Honorary Ambassador of the Principality of Seborga: Gianfranco War never would have arrogated skills without having the prerogatives .... as it is wont to do someone else!
In fact, the appointment of Honorary Ambassador, verbalized even in the Principality documents, He had been granted to Gianfranco War II 23 January 2015 and the fact that the tuguese request was routed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Principality was an act more than obvious and should have!
Poor Diego Beltrutti, with his gesture, esautorarlo and he hoped to take over with your order?
But the funniest thing is that Diego Beltrutti, and all l 'ensemble, who believed such a move with us to reach some kind of negotiations with Prince Marcello, he returned home with his tail between his legs, among the insults of Seborgans!
End second act. The "comedy" more ...

Saturday 20 August 2016, festivities dedicated to San Bernardo.
The day had been preceded by a visit of Beltrutti in Seborga, in polemical tone as other previously occurred.
The morning was marked by the favorable opportunity of a meeting developed a friendly relationship with subitissimo three French gentlemen who, subsequently, They manifested themselves as belonging Ordo Sancti equester Bernardus OESB: he Gran Master OESB Michel Picandet, he Gran Chancellor Alain Michelet an e terzo Cavaliere.
From the exchange of words it showed that their visit is not random but targeted to know and understand the unpleasant situations regarding the Principality of Seborga of recent times (see Mr. Mutte and Diego Beltrutti and its order VOSS).
Having clarified the doubts and understood that the only order OSSCBS is recognized by the Principality of Seborga, Grandmaster Knight Picandet, It made as a tribute to the Magister Maior Gianfranco Guerra his personal honor that had pinned to his chest.
During the convivial lunch with the White Knights present on the occasion, you discover who know Diego Beltrutti and Mr. Mutte but, feeding doubts about what they told, They have seen fit to see for themselves the situation in Seborga.ù
At the end of lunch the Knights of the Order of St. Bernard of Seborga, Enrico Ferraris and Triquet of Tintignac baron Andre ', They exchanged with Magister Maior Gianfranco War cordial considerations regarding certain aspects of their respective orders and the Principality.
In the afternoon, together with the White Knights, participate in the Holy Mass in the parish church of St. Martin and after the traditional procession that sees the transfer of the statue of St. Bernard Parish Church from the small church of San Bernardo, procession which was followed by the kiss of the relic.
The knights dell'OESB, invited by Magister Maior Gianfranco War, participate in the gala dinner hosted by the Principality of Seborga. During the gala dinner will emerge their stance against Diego Beltrutti and self-made prince Nicolas, what they call “traitors”. Feelings from them vehemently manifested as a result of knowledge of the state of the confirmed facts not only dall'OSSCBS but also by Prince Marcello 1st and the Foreign Minister of the Principality of Seborga, Nina Dobler.

During the course of the gala, Marcello Prince 1st, recognizing the activities dall'OSSCBS deliver a certificate as proof of the statements, thereby confirming dell'OSSCBS prerogatives and the unreliability of other orders referring to Seborga, among which it is expressly mentioned the VOSS Diego Beltrutti.

The farewell with the OESB was preceded by resolutions of a collaboration that, as the first sign, It will be attended by two of their delegates to the next riders dell'OSSCBS ceremony to be held in Castelleone.
Thus began with the OESB an exchange of letters that will last until the end of September 2016, then nothing.
In October appears on web the news – confirmed by photographs as a corollary of the same – which he sees the Grand Master dell'OESB Picandet in Romania participate in a public ceremony in the company of the characters he defined “traitors” only a few months before: Diego Beltrutti and the fake prince of Seborga, Nicolas Mutte.
The surprises never end!
L’OSSCBS, informed that the characters above for the occasion were presented on behalf of the Order of the Knights of the Principality of Seborga – Diego Beltrutti as Grand Master and Mr. Mutte whom Prince of Seborga self-made prince, – seeking clarification and answers dall'OESB, especially by the Grand Master dell'OESB Picandet, but the explanations will not arrive never ... what's cooking?!